Monday, 23 July 2007

Summer Mode

Comrades, I am currently in Greece and being tortured by the heatwave. Therefore, I can't for the life of me muster enough attention to make a good post. So, from now on and until I return to Scotland, I will be posting random articles I find interesting and/or amusing. Cheerio.


Charlie Marks said...

Oh, I do miss your regular posts. Take care!

Renegade Eye said...

Don't allow attractive women and good food to distract you.

AN said...


Are you making apoint about Scottish food and women? :o)

a very public sociologist said...

Isn't it a little warm there, being covered in all that fur?

Gabriel said...

Keep out of the sun when in Greece it can be very dangerous,

I like your blog, I hope you will visit mine 'An Unrepentant Communist'

Good Luck