Saturday, 17 March 2007

Red Squirrel's Lair FAQ

What's the Lair?

The Red Squirrel's Lair is a blog, shockingly enough. It is not however a personal blog, so you won't be finding any family, holiday or food pictures here, nor will you be learning anything about my exciting personal life. I've got a live journal account for this kind of crap.

It should also be noted that the Redness of the Squirrels is indicative of their political orientation, not their race.

So what is it about?

It is a political blog. Herein you shall find commentary on various current issues about which you may or may not have seen/heard/read on the news as well as abstract theoretical ramblings ranging from Marxist legal theory to the nature of state power etc. Most of the stuff that will be posted here will be from a Marxist perspective though the Vanguard may sometimes host non-Marxist opinions provided that they can be placed on the far left of the political spectrum.

What do squirrels have to do with politics?

Nothing, I just like them and find their ability to mix labour and play quite inspiring - a positive transcendence of alienation.

Alright, why a lair though? Don't squirrel's have nests?

Indeed they do, but I find "lair" to be a much cooler word than "nest". It's more menacing.

What's the squirrel vanguard?

The squirrel vanguard is the term that is used to refer collectively to the regular contributors to this blog.

So you're like, a communist?


And are you in any group?

I am a member of the Scottish Socialist Party, but not everyone posting here is.

For more, just read the darn blog.


Louisefeminista said...

I kinda like squirrels ( I selling out if I say i like the grey ones too?)and a friend of mine said they are really just rats with bushy tails but with good PR..!! Anyway, they seem to like monkey nuts as you get dozens of the sods appearing out of nowhere.
A cat I used to live with many years ago also liked squirrels ....but for the wrong reasons...

Korakious said...

It's ok if you like grey squirrels. The red population is very small anyway.

I think they like anything that's crunchy. They'll munch on anything from oatcakes to walnuts.

I live on the ground floor and I feed them everyday. One of them had half a mind to get into my flat once, but, quite unfortunately, s/he decided against it :(

Louisefeminista said...

I was told by a work-colleague that she came into her kitchen one day and found her cat looking with a mixture of bemusement and fear at this squirrel who had broken into the house by the catflap! I think the woman used to feed the squirrels and was a tad late with the monkey nuts so out of disgust for his/her late meal the squirrel broke in....

I used to feed them years ago at my then local park and they appeared out of nowhere when you shook a bag of monkey nuts. They would come straight up to you and if you held out your hand flat with the nut in your palm they would take it and run away. They were the fattest squirrels I have EVER seen (other people would feed them as well).

Korakious said...

*Squirrel love*

Steven said...

Like the blog, but sorry to be pedantic - squirrells live in dreys

Korakious said...

They live in lairs here :D

Frank said...

Just wanted to drop by after you responded to the post on the Cedar Lounge on the SSP's defeat in the elections and wish you the best comrade.

Chancers like Sheridan are found out eventually and at least the SSP has the experience of the last few years to build on going forward.


Korakious said...

Thanks a lot Frank.

I appreciate your support :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this blog. I found it while trying to find out about David North and the Secoiliast Equality Party and his7their relation to David Green and Grand River Printing and Imaging. I was a member of the Workers League in the early 1970's. We raised a lot of money to buy printing presses, which I would bet were the original presses used to get Grand River Printing going. Most of that money came out of the pockets of workers, and some pretty oor people. So I would say that David Green is not your ordinary, hard working capitalist pig. He is a vampire who sucks blood from workers. I have my doubts about the place really being a good place to work. when the Workers League ran a print shop in New York City, the workers were all party members who worked 18 hours a day. It was a union shop on paper, but the reality was that all work rules and over time pay were ignored for the sake of the revolutionary cause. That system was used before North took over the Workers League under the prevous sleader, Tim Wohlforth, who in turn copied it from the Gerry Healy operation in England, who may have copied it from the print shop of the SWP for all I know. North/Green seems to have taken that system to a "higher" level". I wonder how many grand River employees are also members of the SEQ.


sproletarski said...

Hello, I see that you are interested in marxism. I am interested in it too, but I haven't heard of communist movements in the United Kingdom. Is there a communist party in the UK and if there is then what is its activity? I will be grateful if you answer me.