Thursday, 10 May 2007

A new beginning!

After the global bombshell that was the foundation of the Squirrel Vanguard, it appears that new revolutionary groups of similarly minded non human species have been founded around the world, ready to provide leadership for the incompetent bunch that is mankind.

Today, we have discovered the Red Wombat Hole an association of communist wombats from Australia. I don't know who they are and where they came from, but in a time of growing human incompetence (they don't even know which party they should vote for) they are most definitely welcome!

The Squirrel Vanguard proposes the foundation of the Revolutionary Species International.


Louisefeminista said...

Is there going to be a founding conference complete with statement taking place in a dodgy looking room above a pub? Internal documents and discussions about rights of tendencies/factions?

Oh joy!! can I sign up..pleeaasse..?

Korakious said...

We have not yet worked out the details. You will receive a personal invitation, but we will otherwise keep it underground as we fear state infiltration!

Louisefeminista said...

hey the squirrels and the wombats should be aware of health and safety as the initials for your group is RSI which is something you can develop from trying to type too many internal documents whilst being a member of a species that lacks opposable thumbs!

Many thanks for the invitation...

Red Wombat said...

Dunno about an international just yet mate. Maybe at some point.

From a brief glance at the behaviour of the humans, it would seem that some of them like to go around setting up "internationals" at the drop of a gumnut. This looks like it's as much part of the problem as the solution.

So, we're not convinced that it would be the most useful thing to do straight away (although we're not opposed to it). After all, two species does not an international make!

The RWA are, however, interested in international collaboration, and the sharing of ideas and experiences. If these are successful, and some other species can be brought on board, well then, the sky's the limit! (And I at least like the idea of a founding conference in a dodgy pub - we've got quite a few around here!)

Oh, I almost forgot. The RWA would like to apologise for the shameless ripoff of the SV idea. Nothing for it really. Inexorable iron laws of history and all that, wot?

revo regards


AN said...

I don't think it is state infiltration you need to worry about so much as someone bringing along a Jack Russell terrier.

Red Wombat said...

On the contrary Andy, we have nothing to fear from terriers (Jack Russell of otherwise).

You are clearly unaware of the defence mechanisms entranched in Wombat society.

Might I suggest checking out:

We are quite secure in our defence systems, having had a few more millenia of practice than your badgers, for example.

For example:

Louisefeminista said...

Blimey Wombat, you are a scary fearless bunch and know how to defend yourself.

Are you giving lessons, pray tell? Because I would like to sign up.

Red Wombat said...

Beginning is begun.

And louisefeminista, we would gladly offer lessons. It remains a question of whether we are mutually intelliglible.

But yes, ahem, fearless, and stuff.... totally.